Llamas & Llambs Boutique

Fine Fiber Products and Homemade Quilts

The Wool Room offers hand spun yarns, fibers for hand spinning and weaving, collector's dolls and a wide variety of creative products made from the wool of family owned llamas, sheep and alpacas.

The Weave Room presents beautiful hand loomed textiles, rugs, table dressings and wall hangings.

The Quilt Room features the superb hand quilting of a Pennsylvania Amish Family as well as books, cards and limited edition prints related to the art of quilting.

The Gallery displays fine arts and features photos of llamas for sale and service in Southern Oregon.

Llamas & Llambs Salesroom

At Llamas and Llambs Boutique, you enter the living tradition of the American Cottage Industry. You don't just buy a piece of the tradition, you feel connected to the world that created it.

The boutique is located in Jacksonville's Historic Plymale Cottage, built in 1865 by men who helped found Jacksonville. They built their world with their hands, so did the fine artists whose work you will find here.

In this comfortable cottage setting you will enjoy the natural materials, the people, the arts and even some of the animals that make up today's American Cottage Industry.

Be sure to visit
Applehill Ranch.


Open Daily Memorial Day to Labor Day
10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Sunday Noon to 5:00 pm
Open until 7:00 pm during Britt Events
Closed Tuesdays during the Winter season

Map to Llamas & Llambs

180 North Oregon Street
Jacksonville, Oregon 97530
(541) 899-9141

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