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Hello, I would like to introduce ourselves to you.  My name is Debbie.  My husband Paul and I started with one pair
of love bird's.  We just wanted to have a bird for a pet at the time, and we had no intentions of getting into raising birds.  Until one day we noticed them chewing up paper like crazy.  When my husband was a youngster he used to raise pigeons.  So he made our pair of love birds a nest box, and sure enough we had babies.  We soon learned all we could about them, and the rest is history........ We where hit with "Parrot fever."

We are a small family owned and operated aviary located in beautiful Southern Oregon.  Paul works days  at Boise Cascade, and he is our chief aviary builder among other jobs he performs around here.  I work days at a drug and alcohol re-hab center.  I'm in charge of billing & I do most of the hand feeding except at night.  Then Paul gets his share of feeding.

Our goal is to provide you with one of the sweetest and healthiest  hand fed baby parrots possible..
All of our babies come with a Certificate of hatch. Which states the day they hatch, there parents name and there leg band
number. They are all closed banded and Veterinarian Certified  before they leave our home.

25% non -refundable deposit  will hold your special baby!. We will gladly ship at buyer expense.
Reference available by request.
Please contact us for our wholesale prices..
Visitations by appointment only.

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Updated last: 10-17-99