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REUBEN COLE was said to have been from Ireland, and brought to America by the British to fight the Colonists in the American Revolution, along with his brother.  In a skirmish some of the British soldiers were chased out onto the stringers of a bridge, where most were shot by the Americans.  Reuben Cole escaped and went to the Mohawks.  Later he fought on the American side.  He married a Dutch-Mohawk woman, Lydia HUYCK (HUKS, HICKS) (After he died she md. 2nd at Aberdeen, Brown Co., OH on 22 Sep 1822 Rausel Chatfield as his second wife. He was b. ca 1762/63 in Saratoga Co., NY; d. after 1839.  For his son Jesse see  below).  Reuben and Lydia had three sons and at least two daughters.  He lived in Truxton, Cortland Co., NY, then Canadice, Ontario Co., NY around the War of 1812 and apparently went on to live in Allegany, NY later.  Reuben died of Typhus in Cincinnati  in  1815. (This information is from Asa Cole as told to Ruth <Cole> Stacy, and from A History of Canadice <Ontario Co. NY>.)





Children of Reuben COLE and Lydia HUYCK:

1)   JOHN.  b. 9 Oct 1788 at Waterford, Saratoga Co., NY. He was a War of 1812 soldier.  He moved with his parents to White Hall, NY while still a small boy.  He married there in  the 1830's  Katherine FRINCISCO (b. ca. 1789 Orange Co., NY;  d. 29 Aug  1882 Monroeville, Huron Co., OH -- dau. of Henry Francisco).  They moved to Buffalo, and lived there for  25 years.  He was a mason. He moved to Michigan in 1852, settling  in  Oakland  Co. until 1860, after which he was living with his nephew Ransom, after Ransom's death he lived with Morgan Cole.  He died 26 Feb 1886  and  was bd. in Greenwood  Cem., Jefferson Twp., Hillsdale Co. MI.  He was said to have had two wives and ten children. 

2)   HEZIKIAH.  Moved in 1815 from Truxton to Honeyoye, NY and bought a farm from his brothers John and Reuben.  He lived in Ontario County until at least 1830.  Three children.

3)   BETSEY.  b. 14 Oct 1790.  md., prob in Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY on 4 Dec 1808 to David COOMER (b. Lanesboro MA.; d. Farmington, Oakland Co., MI 3 June 1865--son of Benjamin and Ruth <Goff> Coomer).  They lived in Pompey, then briefly in Gorham,  Ontario Co. NY; to Middlesex, Yates Co., NY for 10 to 12 years.  In 1827 they moved to Newfane, Niagara Co., NY, then on to Farmington MI in 1829.  They had ten children.  She d. 2 July 1870 at Springport, Jackson Co. MI.

4)   REUBEN II was born on 2 Nov 1792 in Half Moon Point (now Waterville), Saratoga Co., New York.  On 19 Dec 1813 he md. Ruth BULLOCK (b. 13 Oct 1797, Schenectady, NY, d. 22 Oct 1846--dau. of Elijah and Rachel <Coomer> Bullock  She was  a niece  of  David Coomer, husband of Betsey Cole).  They  had fourteen known children, probable had about six others which died  young.  They lived in Canadice and  Gorham Twps., Ontario  County, NY, then went to Newfane, Niagara Co., NY.  He was a veteran of the War of 1812.  He claimed a pension for neck and shoulder paralysis incurred in the war, but his claim was rejected (See pension records, National Archives).

          In the 1830's they moved to Michigan, first living  in Farmington, Oakland County then settling in Lapeer, Lapeer Ruth Bullock Cole died in 1846 and in 1847, at age 54, he remarried, to a woman age seventeen, Fanny RUTHERFORD (b. ca.1830 VT  -- dau. of Andrew and Eliza <Leonard> Rutherford).   They lived in Goodland Twp, Lapeer Co.  Six children are known by name.  Reuben II claimed 27 children and another was born after his claim.

          Reuben  Cole II died on 1 Mar 1868 in Hillsdale Co.  MI (where  he  had  gone  to visit his son Ransom).  Fanny remarried in May of 1870.  Her second husband was Amos TYLER (b. ca. 1825 NY). He had already had a child, Amy (b. ca 1867 MI).  Alice  Jennie TYLOR (b. ca. 1872 MI) was the daughter of Fanny and Amos (Alice taught  school at Mt. Vernon MI).  Fanny d. at her daughter Amanda's place in Estey, Gladwin Co., MI.

5)   (NAME  UNKNOWN).    She md. Jesse CHATFIELD (son of Rausel Chatfield and his first wife.  Rausel md. 2nd Lydia <Huyck> Cole).  (from History of Canadice.)  Three children. 





Children of John COLE and Katherine FRINCISCO:

1)   ARRUA.   b. 1812 Buffalo, NY.  md. ca. 1827 Augustus TODD.  Two children known.  She md.(2) Lewis WARD.

2)   SALLY ANN.  b. 15 Sep 1827 Buffalo, Erie Co., NY.  md. 3 Dec 1844 John Condit LOSEY (b. 19 Apr 1811 Orange, Essex Co., NJ; d. 13 Aug 1898 Monroeville, Huron Co., OH  --  son  of Ichabod and Sarah <Condit> Losey).  Eight children.  She d. 6 July 1903 Grant Twp., Cheboygan Co., MI, and was bd. 20 July 1903 at Monroeville. 

Children of Hezekiah COLE and ( -- ):

1)   CLARA.

2)   HARVEY.


Children of Betsey COLE and David COOMER:

1)   ARNOLD HIX.  b. Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY 19 Feb 1810.  md. in  Newfane, Niagara Co., NY Jane E. COOLEY (d. 10 Oct  1871 -- dau. of Noah and Jane <Southerland> Cooley).  He md. (2) Semantha HART (d. 1886 Morenci MI).  He d. on 21 Oct 1883 in Morenci MI.

2)   DAVID, JR.  b. 1811 Pompey NY, died in infancy.

3)   DIANA.  b. 29 Apr 1813 Pompey NY.  She md. Peter MILLS.  Two children.  She died 3 Oct 1833.

4)   ERVILLA.  b. 17 Apr 1815 Gorham, Ontario Co., NY.  She md. in Farmington, Oakland Co., MI 16 Feb 1837 John BASSETT  (b ca.  1816  NY -- son of Samuel and  Mary  "Polly" <Caywood> Bassett).  They lived in Novi, Oakland Co. MI.  Thirteen children.  She d. 28 Feb 1887.

5)   LOUISA.   b. 24 July 1817 Middlesex, Yates Co. NY.  She  md. on 6 July 1836 Asahel BRYAN (b. ca. 1815 NY).  They lived in Farmington, Novi, Richfield, and Tompkins MI. Eight kids.

6)   POLLY.  b. Middlesex, Yates Co., NY 1 Mar 1819.   md. in Farmington, Oakland Co., MI 12 Apr 1837 William S. WARNER.  They moved to Wisconsin in 1844; had four children.  She died at Appleton, WI on 14 Aug 1884. 

7)   BENJAMIN GOFF.  b. Middlesex, Yates Co, NY 27 Feb 1822.  He lived two years in Newfane, NY. came to Michigan on a  Lake Erie steamboat, the "Superior".  He lived in Franklin,MI.  He md.(1) on 21 Feb 1847 at Pittsford, Hillsdale  Co., MI Mary  Isabella COOLEY (b. 21 Feb 1823 Lockport, Niagara Co. NY;  d. 1 Nov 1851 -- dau. of Noah and Jane <Southerland> Cooley).  Two sons.  He md.(2)on 15 Apr 1854 Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI Mrs. Harriet E. <Stilson> RILEY (b. 14 June 1823 Gorham NY; d. 14 Feb 1885 of a stroke -- she was the widow of Archibald Riley and Dau. of Salmon and  Betsey <Harris> Stilson).  They had four daughters.  He md. (3) on 10 Aug 1886  Franklin MI by Rev. S.A. Long to Mrs. Nancy Desire <Sabin> LAWRENCE (b. 10 July 1823 Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY; d. 14 Feb 1892; bd. Southfield Cem. -- she was the widow of Cornelius Lawrence of Southfield MI and the dau. of Ezekiel H. and Eunice M. <Jones> Sabin).  Benjamin Goff Coomer was the compiler of the Coomer Genealogy (1892).

8)   LYDIA NANCY.  b. Middlesex, Yates Co. NY 22 Feb 1824.  md. 2 May 184_ at Sheboygan WI Samuel P. BLAKE (d. 11 Sep 1889 at Red Oak, Montgomery Co., IA when hit by a train).  They had seven children.

9)   JONATHAN.  b. Middlesex, Yates Co., NY 15 Feb 1827.  md. in Richfield, Genessee Co., MI on 2 May 1842 Roselynda HILL (b. July 1828 NY).  Civil War soldier (1st Reg. MI Eng. & Mech).  Six children.

10)  RUTH ANN. b. Newfane, Niagara Co., NY on 7 Aug 1829.  She d. on 2 Aug 1835.

Children of Reuben COLE II and Ruth BULLOCK:

1)   RANSOM.  b. 22 Oct 1814 NY.  md. at Farmington, Oakland Co., MI, 27 Dec 1838 Araminta MANSFIELD (b. 22 Mar or 24 Apr 1820 at Gainesville, NY; d. 9 Nov 1903 Jefferson, MI -- dau. of Samuel and Olive <Tomblin> or <Tambling> Mansfield). Four children.  He d. 8 Feb 1875 of T.B. at Jefferson Twp, Hillsdale Co., MI.  bd. there in Greenwood Cemetery.

2)   MORGAN  WELCOME.  b. 11 May 1817 Middlesex, Yates Co., NY.  md. Araminta <Mansfield> COLE (Ransom's widow) by Rev. J.H. Burk. No children.  He d. on 12 May 1902 Jefferson, Hillsdale Co., MI


4)   ASA.   b. 14 Jan 1819 Newfane, Niagara Co., NY & md. on 25 Oct 1840 Lapeer, MI Jane TRIPP (b. 1 Nov 1821; d. 28  Sep 1881 -- dau. of Gideon and Zada <Davids> Tripp).   They had nine children.  He died 22 June 1892 Bower, Nebraska.

5)   JOHN.   d.  26  Feb 1886 or 1888.   Buried  Greenwood Cem.  Veteran of Civil War or Mexican War.

6)   AMBROSE B.  b. 16 Aug 1822, NY.  md. 26 Nov 1848 Boone Co., IL  Mary TRIPP (b. ca. 1827 NY). Five children. md. 28 May 1856 Baraboo, Sauk Co., WI to Julia Elsie  WYMAN.  One child. He d. 10 Dec 1864 of diarrhea in Vicksburg, MS, while a      soldier in the Civil War.

7)   REUBEN III.  b. May 1824 Newfane, Niagara Co., NY. No kids.

8)   MARVIN.  b. 21 Sep 1828 Newfane, Niagara Co., NY.  md. Rena Ophelia TRIPP (b. 1824 Nassau, Renssalaer Co., NY; d. 14 Jan 1914 -- dau. of Gideon and Zada <Davids> Tripp).  They had five children.  He md.(2)Lucy TRIPP (, NY).  He died 14 Aug 1906 PawPaw, Van Buren Co., Michigan, and was buried there.

9)   DANIEL. b. 1 June 1830 Newfane, NY.  He md. Orpha LAKE.  Two children.  md. Tennessee BATES.  Two daughters.

10)  OLIVE  DIANTHA.   b. 20 Jan 1834.  md. Abner C. FOLSOM,  who died on 1 May 1902.  They had six children.  She died on 14 Sep 1920. 

11)  RUTH ANN.  b. ca. 1837, MI.  She md. (1) Marshall HODGSON.   Twelve children.  She md. (2) on 3 July 1883 Allen GRAY.

12)  JOEL.  b. 18 Mar 1838 Oakland, MI.  md. Savilla CLOUGH or CROSSMAN.  Four kids.  He d. 19 March 1907 Postville, Alamakee Co, IA.

13)  GEORGE W.  b. 4 Aug 1839, Michigan.  md. Sarah ( -- )(b. ca. 1840).  Five children.

14)  BENJAMIN.  He could be Ambrose B.

Children of Reuben COLE II and Fanny RUTHERFORD:

21)  LEANDER.  b. Dec 1849, Michigan.

22)  ( -- ).  prob. d. y.

23)  ELLEN.   b. 4 Dec 1852, the first white child to be born in Goodland Township,  Lapeer County, Michigan.  As a young woman, Ellen worked for a family in Almont, MI.  This family was  Baptist and she became one too, though her parents  and siblings were Methodists.  She md. on 17 Oct 1877  Goodland by Rev. Emri Steele Ruben J. REMINGTON (b. ca. 1849 Ray, Macomb Co., MI; d. age 93--son of Norman and Deborah  <Gass> Remington). They moved to Ray, Macomb County, Michigan,  and had five children.  She died on 29 Nov 1905 and is buried in Preston Cem., Macomb Twp, Macomb Co. MI.

24)  ( -- ).  Prob. d. y.

25)  ALBERT  BUEL.  b. 1855, MI.  He md. on 2 June 1879 Lois Lovenia HOTCHKISS (b. 1854 Dryden, Lapeer Co., MI; d. 17 May 1933 Pontiac, MI; bd. Oak Hill Cem. --  dau. of Andrew Jackson and Keturah "Kezia" <Gillings> Hotchkiss).  Five children.   He d. 18 Feb 1897 Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI;  bd. Oak Hill Cem., Pontiac.

26)  SAMUEL.  b. ca. 1857, MI.  md. Alice D. ( -- )(b. ca.  1860, MI).  Two children known.

27)  AMANDA.  b. ca. 1858, MI.  md. Will WORGES.  They had a hotel in Estey, Gladwin Co. MI. One son. 

28)  WILLIAM H.  b. ca. 1862, MI.  He was often at odds with  the rest  of the family.  He came home one day, demanded  to  be given the family bible (to be used for identification), took it west with him and was never heard of again.

Children of Jesse CHATFIELD and ( -- ) COLE:

1)   STEPHEN.  b. 7 June 1815 in Ontario Co., NY.  He md.(1) on 26 July 1836 Margaret WALKER.  He md. (2) on 25 July 1844 Nancy MILLER.  Six children.  He md. (3) 2 Dec  1851 Elizabeth CHATFIELD (b. 24 Dec 1832 -- dau. of David and Susannah <Belknap> Chatfield).  Six children. 

2)   REUBEN.

3)   ARMINA.  b. 11 Sep 1813.  She md. 11 July 1832 James SHOAP.




                           CENSUS LIST


Reuben  COLE  II.  1840 Census:  Lapeer Twp., Lapeer Co., MI, Eleven people in the household.

     1850 Census:  Lapeer,  Lapeer Co., MI. p. 806.  Also Fanny; Ruthe; George; Leander.

     1860 Census:  Goodland Twp., Lapeer Co., MI., p. 33.  Also Fanny; Ellen; Buel; Samuel; and Amanda.

Fanny (COLE) TYLOR.  1870 Census:  Goodland Twp., Lapeer Co., MI. p.  13-14, house # 104.  With Amos and Amy TYLOR; and Albert B.; Samuel; Amanda; and William COLE.

     1880 Census:  Shelley Twp., Macomb Co., MI; ED 211, Sheet 21, lines 47-52.  Also Henry W. KIRKLAND (57--b. VT); Amanda GINNAN (28--Canada); Hattie B. GINNAN (8/12--b. MI); William H. COLE; and Alice Jennie TYLOR. 

Samuel COLE. 1880 Census: Goodland Twp., Lapeer Co, MI, ED 167, Sheet 17. Also Alice D.; Samuel E.; and Fanny.

A. Buhl COLE.  1880 Census: Goodland Twp.,Lapeer Co., MI, ED 167, Sheet 17, lines 48-50.  Also Lois and Mary.

Ellen A.  (COLE) REMINGTON.  1880 Census:   Ray Twp., Macomb Co.,      MI.  Sheet 7, lines 30-33, Vol. 16, E.D. 209. Rufus (Ruben), his father Norman, Ellen, and Leroy.

     1900 Census:  Ray Twp., Macomb Co, MI. Vol. 47, E.D. 63, Sheet 10, lines 87-92. Ruben, Ellen, Nellie, Hugh, Jennie, and Lottie. ("5 children, four now alive"). 

     1910 Census:  Romeo, Macomb Co., MI.  Vol. 52, E.D. 84, Family #129, Sheet 5A,lines 23-27.  Arthur Parker, Nellie, Vivian; Reuben Remington, Lottie B.  Arthur was a laborer in a sash and door factory.


Other Sources:

     Pension  Files:   Reuben  Cole applied for  a  War  of  1812 pension  but it was denied (Pension records,  National  Archives, Washington, DC).

     Marriage: Ellen A.  Cole and Reuben Remington,  Oct 17, 1877.  Witnesses were Ruth Metcalf of Imlay City and Bud Cole of Almont.  Source:  Rev. E. Steel's Marriage Book, Reel #927,472-DAR records at LDS Genealogical library in Salt Lake City.



     Lapeer County Court House,  Record of  Lease--p.66.  Reuben Cole leased 1/2 acre of land to Goodland School District #1 on 30 September 1861 on which to build what became  known as "Cole School", the first school in Goodland Twp.  It was located at the NW corner of Sec. 30, Twp 8 N, R 12 E.  The lease was for ninety-nine years, with  an annual rent of 25 cents, to be paid four years in advance.  The lease was signed Reuben Cole, C. Maxon, and Abner C. Folsom.  Witnesses were William Mead and Nancy Larnpein.

     Notes dated Nov.  2, 1920, written by Rosepha E. Cole McCaul state  that  Daniel Cole's first two children were dead by  then, the second two were living.  Joel Cole had three kids, two alive.

Ruth Ann Cole Hodgdon had ten children, all dead.  George Cole and wife Mary had one daughter living.  Asa Cole had ten children, five still living.


     LAND ENTRIES of Lapeer Twp., Lapeer County:

Ransom Cole         Jan 4, 1836         Sec 14, Twp 7 N, R 10 E

Reuben Cole         Jan 4, 1836         Sec 14, Twp 7 N, R 10 E

     Also on the same day land was claimed by:

Israel W. Bullock   Jan 4, 1836         Sec 15, Twp 7 N, R 10 E

Asa Cole            June 27, 1838       Sec 12, Twp 7 N, R 10 E

Gideon Tripp        July 21, 1837       Sec 27, Twp 7 N, R 10 E

     Several other Tripps and Bullocks settled in this township.

     LAND ENTRIES of Goodland Twp., Lapeer County:

Reuben Cole         May 31, 1853        Sec 19, Twp 8 N, R 12 E

Reuben Cole         Apr 27, 1853        Sec 30, Twp 8 N, R 12 E


History of the Town of Canadice, Ontario County, NY, by D.  Byron Waite, Springwater, NY 1908, says about the Coles:

     "In the same year Jehiel Spicer built a house near the barn on the farm of John Salter, staid there a few weeks, sold to Jesse Chatfield and built another on the farm of Noah Tibbals.  Ruben Cole built another the same year on the knowll north of the old house now standing, and both Ruben and his son-in-law, Chatfield, sold to Uriel  Spencer, a Methodist preacher from Atlanta...  The Coles came from Truxton, Cortland County and went to Allegany. (p. 92)

     "We said the Coles came from Cortland county.  There were 4 of them who settled in this neighborhood, viz.; Reuben, and  his sons  Reuben, Jr., Hezekiah and John.  As the two farms north  of this  were  settled the same time, we will wend our way  in  that direction.  Jehiel Spicer's cabin on the Tibbals farm was of  the one-sided  roof pattern, and situated west of the present  house, and was but a temporary cabin, which was soon followed by one  on the  east side of the road, nearly opposite the residence of the present owner.  David Tibbals, from Scipio, took the place of Spicer in 1818,by purchase, lived and died there.... (p. 93)

     "John Cole, also in the same year, built a hut near the barn, and Reuben, another near the north-east corner of the old Ingraham farm.  In 1815, they sold to the brother 'Kiah, who came from the same place.  The farm afterwards was owned by Silas Reynolds, Benj. Green, Orlando Wetmore, Joseph S. Secor, and Walling Coykendall, previous to Ingraham, who met an  accidental death in 1874, when the heirs came into possession.  The children of Hezekiah were, Clara, Harvey and Sophronia. (p. 94) 


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