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Contact Information

Medford, OR: (541) 776-5049
Fax: (541) 772-6137
PO Box 8339
824 East Jackson Street
Medford, OR 97504

Brookings, OR: (541) 412-9283
Fax: (541) 412-8568
PO Box 585
603 Chetco Ave
Brookings, OR 97415

Gold Beach, OR: (541) 247-9596
Fax: (541) 247-6895
PO Box 300
29824 Ellensburg Avenue
Gold Beach, OR 97444

Technical Support:
If you have any NON-urgent technical inquiries, please email them to our support
technicians. No guarantees are made on response times as it can take anywhere
from a few minutes to a couple of days for a direct answer to your question.

Billing Questions:
If you want to change billing options, or you have questions about how we have
billed you, email the billing office. Once again, they can easily be reached by phone
during business hours.

Any questions or inquiries with regards to web pages (including posting web pages),
domain hosting, or web design should be directed to our web administrators here.

Wireless Internet:
Any questions or inquiries with regards to wireless internet connections should be
directed to our Wireless Internet Department.

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