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56k Framed Relay
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T-1 Framed Relay
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T-3 Framed Relay
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Leased Line
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Discount Prices available with the signing of a one year contract.

The information age has made data an indispensable item. It needs to accessible right now.
Your company does not have time to wait for a modem to connect and log in. You need the
information yesterday and delays are not acceptable. This is why business are connecting to
data lines. They provide a constant high speed connection with greater means to handle
multiple transfers.

WaveNet offers two types of data lines to increase your information flow. The data lines
available are the Framed Relay and the Leased Line.

A Framed Relay connection is a data line that connects into a the U.S. West Internet "cloud". This
allows an affordable connection between locations or to the Internet because it is using the
"cloud". A Framed Relay data line provides a constant Internet connection for you network. An
employee would not need to go through the process of dialing up and connecting. With their E-mail
program open it will automatically check for messages and notify them when they arrive. They can
access the Internet with faster speeds which results in less waiting for Web Pages and files to
download. The added productivity and the savings over using modems for dial-up make a Framed
Relay data line a valuable item.

A Leased Line is a direct connection between two points. This works well for inter-office
communications. For example, a Leased Line allows two remote offices to transfer data and phone
communications around the clock. With a Leased Line your offices can be kept up to date. If a
manager in the East branch needs a spreadsheet from the West branch, it can be transferred right
over the Leased Line. If an important call comes into the West branch for the President who is at the
East branch, it can be transferred to thePresident's location. It is possible with multiple Leased
Lines to inter-connect all of your offices.

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