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Domain Services

Domain Name Fees
Virtual Domains
Setup Fees
Monthly Fees
Yearly Fees
WaveNet Fees
$20.00 no dial up
$10.00 If you have dial up access with WaveNet.
10% discount for a years payment in full
Network Solutions Fees
$35.00 a year
Virtual E-Mail
Included in fees
Included in fees

In today's market everyone uses their Internet address for advertising. This page will help you
decide which type of address is best for your company.

For companies that wish to use an Internet address that is provided by WaveNet it would be: There are no additional fees for this address. It is provided
in the WaveNet fees to host your web site. This works well for smaller companies just getting
started on the Internet.

For companies that wish to use their Internet address as a marketing tool, we can setup a virtual
domain (see Domain Name Fees below). An example of a domain name is .
This works well listed on business cards and in advertisements. A domain name also provides
an easier way to remember and locate your Internet address. With a virtual domain you will also
be able to set up virtual e-mail accounts such as

Network Solutions is the organization responsible for domain name registration. Network
Solutions requires a $35.00 fee to register the domain name for the first year. After that a
$35.00 per years fee is required to maintain ownership.

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