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What is DSL?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a service that offers a faster Internet connection than a
standard dial-up connection. DSL technology uses existing 2-wire copper telephone
wiring to deliver high-speed data services to businesses and homes.

Remember, DSL uses the existing phone line and in most cases does not require an
additional phone line. The DSL service attaches to your existing phone line. This gives
24/7 access and does not tie up the phone line and cause it to have a busy signal. In its
various forms--including ADSL, HDSL, IDSL, R-ADSL, SDSL, and VDSL--DSL offers
users a choice of speeds ranging from 32 Kbps to, in laboratory settings, more than 50

These digital services will ultimately be used to deliver bandwidth-intensive applications
like video on demand and distance learning. More immediately, today DSL is for the first
time putting high-speed Internet access within the reach of small and medium-size
businesses. DSL takes existing voice cables that connect customer premises to the
phone company's central office (CO) and turns them into a high-speed digital link.

Over any given link, the maximum DSL speed is determined by the distance between the
customer site and the Central Office. Symmetric DSL data services at seven different
speeds--144 Kbps, 160 Kbps, 200 Kbps, 416 Kbps, 784 Kbps, 1.04 Mbps and 1.54 Mbps,
and now even faster up to 6.0 Mbps--so customers can choose the rate that meets their
specific business needs. At the customer premises, a DSL router or modem connects the
DSL line to a local-area network (LAN) or an individual computer. Once installed, the DSL
router provides the customer site with continuous connection to the Internet.

Currently, WaveNet is offering DSL services in these areas:

If you live outside of these areas, and you are interested in your specific DSL options,
please contact WaveNet. The staff will determine what options are available for you in
your area.

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