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Price Plan 64k
Monthly Access
Hours Included*
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*Hours are managed by 64k increments. For dual band 128k bandwidth your time will be
cut in half (i.e. 1 hour at 128 will be counted as 2 hours).

WaveNet does not charge a setup or activation fee. Pricing does not include local telephone
company fees and customer hardware.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a digital telephone service that works over
existing copper telephone wiring. There are several types of ISDN service, but the most
appropriate type for individual computer users, and the type that this site focuses on, is
the ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI).

Basic Rate ISDN divides the telephone line into 3 digital channels: 2 "B" channels and
one "D" channel, each of which can be used simultaneously. The B channels are used
to transmit data, at  rates of 64k or 56k (depending on your telephone company). The D
channel does the administrative work, such as setting up and tearing down the call and
communicating with the telephone network. With two B channels, you can make two calls

Most of the world's existing telephone network is already digital. The only part that typically
isn't digital is the section that runs from the local exchange to your house or office. ISDN
makes that final leg of the network digital.

Unlike analog telephone service, ISDN service is not yet available everywhere. Your
telephone company must have installed the necessary equipment in the central office that
serves you.

Because ISDN is a digital service, it is very sensitive to outside interference. You must be
within a given distance of the telephone company equipment that serves you (typically
18,000 feet). Further, there cannot be any other anomalies near the wiring that might
interfere with the transmission. As a result, even if the equipment is installed at the central
office, it is possible you will not be able to get ISDN due to line interference or your distance
from the central office. To determine whether your particular wiring will support ISDN, the
telephone company will perform what is known as a line qualification.

Some telephone companies offer what is called "ISDN Anywhere", which means if you order
ISDN, they will find a way to get it to you. In cases where the telephone company does not have
the right equipment in the local central office that serves you, they can use "line extension"
technology to serve you from another exchange. The use of line extension technology may
significantly increase the cost of your ISDN service.

Generally, ISDN has better availalibity in urban and suburban areas, and is harder to get in
rural areas.

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