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Internet Server Options

With the disk space that can be taken up by an on-line database, extensive web sites and
files available for download, the monthly charges can more than justify the investment.
There is also the issues of specialized software, special security requirements, and
business preferences. These are just some of the reasons why business are establishing
their own Internet server.

WaveNet can assist you with everything necessary for the setup and operation of your
Internet Server. An administration and maintenance schedule can be set up to maintain
your servers peak performance.

You may choose to use an existing system. WaveNet can provide all the necessary
hardware and software upgrades to convert your system into an Internet server.

We can also build a customized Internet server. Our experienced staff will build a server that
will fulfill your present and future requirements.

You can have us set up the server in your office. We can provide the necessary data lines and
routing hardware for your connection.

Your Internet server can also be placed in WaveNet's office. Your server would share
WaveNet's existing routing hardware and data lines, which reduces your monthly fees.

WaveNet will provide you with a complete plan to fit your needs. Please call us at
1-541-776-5049 or E-mail so that we can customize a server plan
for you business.

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